Structural finger jointed Solid Timber (KVH)
    Solid structural timber is a material that is specifically developed for the high requirements modern wood construction. It is a technically dried, strength-graded and finger-jointed solid softwood timber product. The production process starts with drying of spruce timber to a moisture content (15% +/-3%). The wood defects such as large knots or wane, labeled and excluded. Sorting is done first in order to achieve a certain level of strength. At the ends of the different length of the segments of slats finger joint profile, and then lamellas are glued to each other under pressure. After curing of the adhesive a ready-made timber planed on all four sides.
    Product description

    We offer structural finger jointed Solid Timber (KVH) according to EN 15497

    Wood species:Spruce/fir
    Manufacture:according to EN 15497:2014
    Sorting:visual, according to EN 14081-1
    Strength class:C24
    Gluing:adhesives type 1 EPI
    Quality:non-visible quality, planed and chamfered
    Packaging:Bundle in light proof foil
    Length:13 m
    Monitoring:Timber Research and Development Institute Praha (Czech Republic)